Frarys and the JFO!

Over the weekend, two more Frarys were added to the collection. At first, I thought one was a double, but after talking to the collector who agreed to trade it to me (thanks RL), and looking at the picture. It isn’t a double at all–it is yet another variation of Frary’s designs.

The other…is quite handsome as well:

I will update the Frary page in the coming days with the new corkscrews–but the addition of these two put the official number at 14 thus far. If any of you have a corkscrew that looks similar to these, feel free to drop me a line.

In particular if you have the Frary with the Can Opener on the side of the handle I will make a healthy offer for it.

And, tomorrow I begin the trek to the JFO. Car, to boat, to bus, to taxi, to plane, to plane, to car, to JFO hotel. Surely something blog worthy will happen in there. And, if not…there will definitely be tales of openers and corkscrews as the meeting commences. Stay tuned!


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