Hopping on the boat soon

The journey to the JFO meeting will begin shortly. And, after what looks to be a smooth boat ride to the mainland, I will head to Portland to the airport. No antiquing along the way, just making sure I get down there to make my flight.

And, there are probably no corkscrews to be had at the airport as well. Nor at the airport where I will be changing planes. So, if any corkscrews are to be had, it will be this evening after I arrive at the JFO hotel.

For those of you wondering how you will make it through the day without reading a blog about a recent find, never fear…

In Bob Roger’s best 6 a couple of years ago, he featured an interesting tool kit with a Greeley type cork puller tool. And, after having seen his, I was lucky enough to find one similar. It is really an interesting little piece, and since then a couple have turned up on the ICCAuction.

As fortune would have it, I just acquired another. And, this one is a double. So…if you are looking to add the “LEB Co., PAT PEND, 115 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, U.S.A” Tool kit to your collection, drop me a line.

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I am always open to trade offers : )


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