JFO day one

Well, had my flight not been canceled last night… And, if I wasn’t still in a hotel in Chicago across from O’Hare, this would be JFO day one. As it stands, I won’t be arriving in Cedar Rapids until later this morning. Oh the joys of travel…

That said, while I was waiting for the delays to become cancellations, I has a brief email exchange via the iPhone for a lovely little folding bow corkscrew.

As it happened, 3 years ago or so, I managed to win another version of this on eBay and was quite pleased with it. However, in between the move from Newton to Vinalhaven that corkscrew has gone missing. I keep hoping it will turn up, but at this point still no Jas. E. Pepper bow.

I am still hoping however.

And, at one of the last few corkscrew meetings, I managed to procure a replacement. Similarly marked, I do know where this one is : )

However, a while back I was sharing this story with John Morris, and he shared with me how he has a Joseph Smith patent that he misplaced as well–he too had since replaced the missing corkscrew.

Given the two missing corkscrews’ missing-ness we made an agreement that when I recovered the little folding bow, and he re-discovered the Joseph Smith patent we would trade them.

Now, I still haven’t technically recovered the Jas. E. Pepper, but did pick up another example yesterday–again, whilst sitting in the airport.

Perhaps John has found his…

Updates from the JFO, once I finally get there


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