Antique Archeology

We hit the road this morning, knowing that we would make a stop at Antique Archeology.

With the iPhone acting as our GPS, we made our way towards LeClaire, IA and after a little searching–the place is really tucked away–we found the shop!

And, we did go in and shopped a bit, but there were no corkscrews to be had. Nor was there Mike, Frankie, or Danielle…

We hit the rest of the antique stores in LeClaire, and started checking the literature some of the shops had, and headed off in another direction. In Davenport, we found another shop–not an easy task as many of the roads were closed–and they gave us some suggestions. And, one paid off.

This is a large advertising corkscrew for ORIGINAL Manitou, THE MANITOU WATER CO., MANITOU, COLO. And, it was a smokin’ deal at 6 dollars.

One of their other suggestions, however, did not pay off.

After that mall, we decided lunch was the next order of business, and started heading back towards Cedar Rapids. Lunch, a bit more driving, and soon enough we arrived back at the JFO hotel.

And there are definitely corkscrews and openers galore here.

There have been some nice buys, trades, and a few sales thus far. And, of course a few Sauv Blancs and Capt. and Cokes…

Tommy and I will hit the road tomorrow, and head towards Amana, IA–although, there is another area that looks interesting–perhaps some rarity will be uncovered there.

And, the buy and sell is still yet to come!


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