counting crows…

After hopping on the flight yesterday morning…

I found myself in a lovely upgraded car, and with a few hours to kill until TC arrived. So, I went about hitting the local Cedar Rapids antique stores, only to find other JFO-er’s already meandering through the aisles, booths, and cases.

However, I had yet to arrive at the hotel… So, at the appointed time, I picked up Tommy, and we headed towards the Marriott. And, within minutes of checking in, and heading up to the reception room, people were asking what we brought with us to sell or trade.

As mentioned previously, JS and I have had this long term negotiation for on particular corkscrew. However, something new was laying in JS’s case…and after a little conversation a deal was done.

Well, not quite.

I simply told him I wanted it, and we would work it out.

I proceeded to show him a few M-73″s and a few other items that I had brought.

We went back and forth about values and such

And, went back and forth about values and condition and such,

And, went back and forth a little more.

And, then…

…the deal was officially done!

JS got some openers that he covets, and I got the crow!

Tommy, meanwhile, was striking deals with everyone. And, has amassed a crazy amount of stuff thus far; snifters, flashes, a rare pat. pending opener/corkscrew that Joe Young was quite excited about, and the list keeps growing.

(more pictures later today)

This morning we had out towards LeClaire, IA. WIth any luck, we will run into Mike, Frankie, and Danielle.


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