Traveling back home, and a couple of finds…

I am back home on the island, and I have to say, it was a great trip, and many corkscrews were found. All in all, a successful JFO!!!

In betwixt and in between all the JFO’ing, I did manage to hit eBay a little. I am sure that many of you out there were worried, that I might miss some deals whilst the JFOing was going on. And, I am pretty sure that I did miss out on some nice corkscrews. However, let me allay your concerns, the eBay app on the iPhone allowed a little hunting when were there breaks in the action. And, as it happened, two pair of legs are now headed to the island.

The first actually came about the morning that we found Karen’s collection, a pair of legs came up with a rather hefty buy it now price. However, for the variation that they were–a mini set at 1 3/4 inches–they were a smoking deal.

And, on Saturday night, this little gem appeared. A tri-colored set of legs, and this alone would have made them a great find, but they are even more unusual as the legs have different colors. Check it out!

The traveling back home yesterday went off without a delay, and TC and I were even on the same flight to Chicago, and parted ways there. After landing in Portland, the lovely picked me up and following lunch at Duckfat (fabulous by the way), we headed to the boat. The ride to the island was beautiful, and we even saw our first dolphins of the spring.

Oh yes…only 8 days until Brimfield!

The corkscrewing season has definitely begun!


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