the countdown to Brimfield

The two pair of legs mentioned the other day have both arrived. And, the mini legs are now part of the lovely’s collection. She claimed them as soon as she saw them!

The other tri-colored pair, may be heading to Reading, but negotiations are ongoing.

And, the official countdown to Brimfield has begun. I leave Monday morning on the first boat, and start driving down. The weather forecast says it will be in the mid-60’s every day, with no rain until Friday. (Of course, it wouldn’t be Brimfield if it didn’t rain at least a little).

The plan is also to meet up at the Student Prince on Wednesday night, and not only will the usual suspects be there, Ian and Sue Hunter will be there too. It will be nice to catch up with everyone!

Of course, tales of the finds, great finds, or the one(s) that got away will be reported here. What rarity will be unearthed this time?

A Frary with Can Opener : )
The missing wing nut for the 1883 White Patent that I just found?
A Russell?
A Blake??

Hope springs eternal!


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