Brimfield Day 2

Yes… I know, Brimfield Day 2 was yesterday, and today is actually Brimfield Day 3, but Day 2 went a little later than expected, and we didn’t get home till close to midnight. And, blogging at that time was simply not going to happen.

As the events unfolded yesterday, I got to the first field a bit early, grabbed some coffee and waited for the gate to open. Shortly thereafter Barry, Ian and Sue happened by. We chatted a bit, and they made their way to the alternate gate.

At 5:59 (and 42 seconds) the field open, and countless collectors/shoppers were herded like cattle through little gates, and then began running. I was walking, as I didn’t want to spill my coffee–but, walking fast!

Nothing in the first few booths, and nothing for me in the next 10 booths. I passed on a beautiful tusk with silver which was adorned with a fireman’s symbol as the price was prohibitive. But before I could head to the next booth, I heard “Hey, corkscrew guy!!” I turned, and a man came up to me, reached into his bag, and pulled out a zig zag. We negotiated a price, and parted ways.

Interestingly, I have only found one or two things in this particular field over the years, and this morning the same thing ran true. However, in July I will be waiting at the gate in high hopes of a nice find.

Speaking of, Barry taking the alternate route, managed to pick up a nice sterling roundlet. For 50 bucks it was quite a deal, and is marked in various places.

We had time to kill before the next field, and I picked up a figural cat for 5 bucks, and headed to the gate. Inside, there were tons of items to pick through, and I passed on a badly damaged thomason. Replaced handle, broken worm, missing badge, dented handle, rust and tarnish…but other than that…. : )

At another booth, I asked for corkscrews (as I am prone to do) and looking up the dealer said, “Oh… I have something for you in the car.”

Really… something for me???

He pulled out a beautiful Sterling roundlet for a very fair price. This too found its way into the backpack.

After an hour or so, I ran into Barry… Nothing for him in the field, just a couple of bottle openers. At this point, we walked the booths together rifling through–hoping for something.

With the second field exhausted, we retraced our steps of another field–and at the same booth we both bought corkscrews. BT got a Williamson roundlet for 4 bucks, and I tried to bargain the dealer down, to no avail, on a flash (he wanted a dollar for it). In the end, I handed him the dollar and got the flash.

One more field for the day, and no corkscrews worth buying, unless you wanted to overpay by a good couple of hundred bucks.

Still, a great day at Brimfield, and we will be heading their in moments.

As for the reason for the late night. 10 of us headed to the Student Prince last night for dinner and corkscrew conversation. It was a great time…and pictures of our corkscrewy evening–and news of today’s finds–will be posted later.

Until then, here is the booty from day 2

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