Brimfield Day 3

As mentioned in the previous entry, last night we were out at the Student Prince until late into the evening. And, while I thought I got some pictures of the goings-on, it seems that the lighting was not very cooperative. Still, there were some good shots of the corkscrews.

We didn’t manage to strike a deal with anybody at the restaurant for any of the nice pieces in the collection, but perhaps next time…

Until then we will keep up our efforts!

As for Day 3, the mob of buyers/hunters/gatherers got through the first gate, and started sprinting towards some desired location. I, on the other hand, simply stepped aside, and hit the first two nearest booths, while the lovely was grabbing a cup of coffee. After her prompt arrival, we started heading down the aisles.

Near the end of the first short row–to the right, if you were entering May’s field, I hit a booth, and saw a nice little corkscrew. I asked the price, and did I get an earful.

After a bit of negotiation, a deal was done. And, a fantastic carved ivory corkscrew direct pull was in my hand. I was surprised at the asking price, knowing how ivory corkscrews are generally priced at Brimfield, and even more surprised at the fact that the seller was willing to come down even further in price–it was eary.

Having bought a nice ivory “ear of corn” corkscrew, the lovely and I meandered the fields on the hunt for a bench for the entryway of the house. And, I looked for corkscrews when benches were nowhere in sight.

Nothing else really worth buying, and when I bumped into Ian and Barry they too were coming up empty handed–for the most part–although rumor has it that Barry scored a pair of legs on his way out.

Oh yes…I did get another corkscrew while waiting in line. On a previous day, a fellow buyer explained that he had a little bullet corkscrew, and we exchanged phone numbers. While waiting for the gate to open, iPhones went into action, and we met up, and struck a deal for a Pittsburg Bridge roundlet.

After saying our goodbyes to the various corkscrew collectors in attendance, the lovely and I headed off to other areas, where bench after bench were examined, measured, talked about, and considered; Steel! Stone! Windsor! Wood! Nothing was exactly what we had in mind.

As we headed to the next field, we discussed further what we might be looking for, and in the very next booth there it was. A deal was done in short order.

We left the bench there for a while, meandering a bit more, and purchasing the requisite small order of french fries and a falafel. And, given we had no place to sit, we headed back to our recently acquired bench, and used it for its intended purchase. Heck, why not…

Being sufficiently fortified, we picked up said bench, and headed off for the xterra.

Definitely a successful day 3–and, I might actually go back tomorrow morning!


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