back from Brimfield, and a successful day 4!

I headed down to Brimfield on Friday for one more field opening. And, with several of the other corkscrew collectors having already departed, I thought I might have the field to myself–apparently I was wrong, as I did see Andre and this other cat who I know looks for corkscrews.

Still, I figured there must be something for me….

And, when the gates opened at 8 am, I sprinted from the entrance to the booths. This I knew would get me there faster than the other collectors. In booth # 2…corkscrews!

Unfortunately, bent, broken and rusty corkscrews.

This became the theme in other booths as well, but after bent, broken and rusty, you could add expensive and overpriced.

That said, the drive down was certainly worth it. It was a beautiful sunny day, I picked up some beer openers which will certainly pay for the gas, and some eBay fodder.

And then…

(do you feel the suspense building)

And, then I decided to visit a vendor at Brimfield, who has been telling me about his corkscrew collection for years, and has promised to bring corkscrews, and pictures of corkscrews for years. To this point, however, each time I have come to see him he always had said, that he forgot, or it slipped his mind, how about the next show. Take my card, and email him as a reminder.

Having taken his card, and reminded him in the past, I meandered over not thinking much would come of an additional visit. And, I was quite pleased to be wrong.

No… he didn’t bring pictures of his collection, he brought 20+ corkscrews which lay in a large cardboard box in the front seat of his truck. He handed the box to me, and I proceeded to go through them. Three pairs of ladies legs, mermaid, Thomason, King’s Rack, Embossed closed barrel perpetual, small french T’s, and the list goes on.

Knowing I didn’t have THAT much money on me, but having waited 4 years to see the stuff, I grabbed two, and negotiated a price. We agreed, but as he explained it, he sold them to me not because the offer was what he wanted, but instead, because I am so persistent : )

As we parted ways, we made an agreement that in the coming weeks, we would arrange for me to visit his house and see the entire collection. And, perhaps I will purchase all 60 corkscrews!

It seems like coming to Brimfield on Day 4 was a pretty good idea.

What were the two that came home with me, you ask?

The Saytr legs corkscrew is something I have long been after, and they will make a nice addition to the collection. The double helix is marked S-Patent, and will also be sticking around.

The next Brimfield is in July…always hot, and generally less dealers, but there are still finds to be made…!

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