the Frary corkscrew hunt continues…

As mentioned a couple of weeks back, a couple of Frary corkscrews were added to the collection. And, as of this morning they have been added to the Frary Corkscrew Page .

I am still after the Frary with the can opener on the side, and will trade heavily to get it. So…if any of you out there have one, drop me a line.

And, the research continues into our man James Darious Frary, and hopefully by next year there will be a much more in depth article to share with you all.

As far as more Frary-ations, check out this threesome. Three oblong handles, two with the plus sign cork grabber underneath the henshall-type button, and one which is a good deal smaller than the other two, with two little spikes to grab the cork.

If you have any Frary corkscrews that are shown on my website, that you wish to part with, or any variations of these that you are willing to take a picture of so it can be included in a future article on Frary Corkscrews, please let me know. Also, if you have any literature on Frary or his corkscrews, I would love to see it!

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