he who hesitates…

An interesting lot on eBay came up last night, with a buy it now or best offer.

As mentioned in the past, I am inclined to make a best offer, as opposed to snapping the piece up. And, had the buy it now been a price I wanted to pay, I may have gone for it. However, the BIN was nearly a thousand bucks for this lot. And, while one of the two corkscrews in the listing has actually brought that much in the past, it was definitely too high for me at the moment.

So, I submitted an offer–a fair, but low offer.

And, oddly enough so had 3 other people at that point.

This morning, I hopped down the stairs to make some coffee, and I checked my email shortly after that. And, the seller had countered my offer at almost half his original asking price.

I clicked the email, and the corkscrews were still available. I thought about it for a moment, did a little research into past sales on the ICCAuction. Thought about it again, clicked the email once more, and looked closely at the corkscrews.

Then, I considered the finish, looked at the worm, went back to see the description as to find out exactly how it was marked. Went back and checked how much was in my paypal account. And proceeded to have some coffee, and consider should I buy the piece at the current counter offered price.

Yes, I was hesitating.

And, then I hesitated some more.

Finally, I went back for one more look, and someone else had bought the lot of two corkscrews. I haven’t heard who decided to snap up the corkscrews yet, but it was a nice buy for whomever needed to add a Strait Patent to their collection. Congrats unknown buyer!!!