no corkscrews, but lots of wine…

The lovely bride and I have been having a blast in Santa Cruz and spending a great deal of time reminiscing about the time when we lived here many years ago. The weather, although forecast to be rainy, has been beautiful thus far, with blue skies and sunshine.

Yesterday, we headed up the coast to San Francisco for lunch, and did manage to find some corkscrews at a large antique mall. However, with the corkscrews being common, or vastly overpriced, we came away empty handed. Lunch at Chez Maman however, was just fantastic

Today, we start driving down the coast, and we will definitely be antiquing along the way. News of any finds will be reported here. Stay tuned….

2 responses

  1. Do you always need to go someplace just before I do? Please leave a few pieces for me to get excited about. We are heading down the coast in 3 weeks. Have a great time! How about the Crow for the Frary?

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