it finally happened.

Okay… so it seems that at every large antique mall, there exists a “wish book.” And, this book has been placed there, so that customers who are looking for specific items can write that down in the book. Theoretically, if one of the dealers who had space at that shop discovered the item that you are looking for, then they would contact you.

I have had my name with “Antique and Vintage Corkscrews” written in books across the country, and rarely get called. It occurs to me that it is easier to place something on a shelf, and hope it sells, than to rifle through countless pages of chicken scratch asking for corkscrews, or fountain pens, or mahjongg sets, or in Tommy’s case, beanie babies.

Recently a new antique shop opened down the coast, and after not finding any corkscrews, I proceeded to go through the process of scribbling down my name, phone number, and email with “Antique and Vintage Corkscrews” in their contact/wish book.

Well, this morning an email came through from that very shop. Someone finally contacted me from their wish book! Of course, given the shop is so new, I might have been the only name scrawled across its pages.

And, this is what the email said:

“You were in our shop when we were just new and said that you were interested in corkscrews. We have just had a new dealer move in who has a whole shelf of them. Check them out when you have time”

I picked up the phone, and the owner has agreed to send pictures. Hopefully we will see what a whole shelf of corkscrews looks like soon!