a tale of two barmen…

The other day I mentioned a nearby antique mall that emailed me to tell me that one of their dealers had brought in corkscrews; a whole shelf of them.

And, I promptly called the shop, and they had promised to email photos. After a day or so, the photos arrived.

There were indeed several corkscrews, but the prices were simply unbelievable. Not unbelievably good mind you, more like unbelievably high.

One in particular, made me chuckle. A Gemelli Barman for $ 325.00

Yes, I said $ 325.00

Stop laughing!

I did call the person from the antique mall, and ask about a couple of other pictures, just for clarification. And, I even verified the price on the Barman.

Yes, it is definitely $325, but at least it was less than the $ 195.00 Zig zag that was included in the photos.

As it happened, yesterday I picked up a Gemelli Barman for a bit less. (I am half tempted to bring it down to the mall the next time I am heading South, and offer it to the dealer) At 24.99, mine was a smoking deal. And, given that it is a double, it will be available for sale or trade.

Feel free to make an offer. I promise that I will take less than $ 325.00 for it. Although, if you want to pay 325.00, that is okay too.