another countdown…

Yes, it is that time of year again, the July Brimfield Antiques Fair will be starting in 10 days. And, once again, I will hop on the boat, and then the mini, and brave the 95 and 90 to make it to antiquing hallowed ground.

I did hear from BT that he will be there, and it sounds like Wednesday night at the Student Prince are in the plans as well.

For many attendees, and dealers alike, the opinion of the July show is that it is smaller, hotter, and not as good. And, in my experience, the July show is smaller, hotter, but it is still worth attending. You never know what might turn up.

So, the countdown to Brimfield begins! What will be unearthed this time? A Chippendale? A Frary bar screw? A couple of Henshalls? Or, maybe just maybe a Blake!!!???!!!!

On another note, there will be fireworks tonight, and a small gathering of people at our house to watch them as they light up the harbor. Appetizers, beer and wine. Should be a great evening!