this just in…

After digging a little deeper, I ran across a George L. Hart, who has several of his patents for cutlery assigned to our man James D. Frary.

And, after even a little more digging, I found that George L. Hart was awarded a patent for his metal rolling machine–which would allow him to make….

No, not corkscrews, but knife blades and other flat ware…

could this be the patent for Hart’s Patent ALL Steel Cork Screw???

I will continue the hunt.

Hart’s Patent All Steel Cork Screw

Last year, a historian from Connecticut sent me several documents to help me compile an article on James D. Frary. And, within the collection of papers–he sent several manilla envelopes–were several pages from a Landers Frary & Clark catalog.

Pictured on one of the pages are three corkscrews under the heading of, “HART’S PATENT ALL STEEL CORK SCREWS.”

Since receiving these documents, I have scoured google patents trying to find Hart’s Patent. And, at this point, nothing has turned up. In emails with Bob Roger, he thought it might be that Hart had a patent for the steel, but not the corkscrew itself. He explained about the patent, ” it might relate to method of manufacture, formula for the steel, etc.”

I am still on the hunt for finding out who Hart was…

In the meantime, I also have been looking for the Hart’s Patent All Steel Cork Screw. And, after revisiting the pages from LF & C’s catalog (circa 1886 or so) I believe I may have found it.

Doubtful it is marked, but when it arrives…I will update the blog. And, if I ever figure out the patent, I will include that as well.