heading to Brimfield…

After one more cup of coffee, and a boat ride, this morning I will again make my pilgrimage to the Brimfield Antiques Show.

July is often said to be the least attended of the three shows (May, July, September) by both dealers and buyers alike. Still, my first ever Brimfield show was only one day in July–several years ago–and those few hours hunting, netted our a dozen or so corkscrews, several of which stayed in the collection.

What will it be this time. A signed Singleton bow? A Dickson patent? Could there be a Dudley or Chippendale? Might a Chinnock roundlet be unearthed, or a McLean patent? Might there be a new patent discovered? The mind simply races!

I will provide updates and pictures from each day’s hunt. Stay tuned!!!