updates from Brimfield

Sweat… lots of sweat…

Thus far, Brimfield has been hot. On day one, we had 90+ degree temperatures, and 90 million + percent humidity.

well, perhaps I am exaggerating about the humidity…

On the corkscrew front, pickings have been slim. And, over the course of day one, and day two, at various points during the sweaty hours of traipsing around the fields, whether it was BT, KC, or RC, when we would meet up, we would compare notes; Nothing to buy, nothing worth buying, etc.

This is a far cry from our usual, “check this out,” or, “look at what I just found.”

Still, we are all showing up for day three tomorrow, and hopefully there will be some great find to be found.

This is not to say, that I haven’t bought corkscrews. I have!, just nothing terribly noteworthy.

I will post pictures of the Brimfield-booty tomorrow.