Brimfield Updates and hightailing it home.

This morning, at the appointed time, I arrived back at the fields of Brimfield. May’s opened today, and the field was quickly ravaged by the various corkscrew collectors that were about.

I didn’t really pick up any corkscrews today, as I had already had a clandestine meeting planned with a vendor that possesses a corkscrew collection with which they wanted to part. I checked the time, and after checking the various booths, headed over to our predetermined meeting spot.

The seller, had a partner that was due to arrive by 11:00 am with corkscrews in tow, but I had to depart at that same time to ensure that I would make the final boat heading to the island. As the minutes clicked by, rapidly approaching the witching hour, we discussed the hundred corkscrews that he had, and how instead of my buying a few of them, that he would prefer that he simply give ALL of them to me to sell for him.

And so, over a handshake and a doughnut, a commission was agreed upon, and on Tuesday–as his partner got stuck in traffic, and I had to get to the boat–the corkscrews will be sent to me via an undisclosed carrier.

Having seen a portion of his collection in the past, there will be some fabulous corkscrews available. And, I will post pictures here when they arrive.

It would seem, a slow July Brimfield Antique Show, might indeed prove to be quite a great show after all.

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