An uncommon common Clough corkscrew

I will admit, that finding a Clough corkscrew isn’t that uncommon. However, with the exception of the Power Cone that I have in the collection, the only markings I have found on a regular Clough is when it had WILLIAMSON’S across the wires.

And, I am aware that Clough’s with the patent date exist, but in looking at all the Clough’s that I have in my collection, and all the Clough’s that I have picked up in 12 years of hunting around estate sales, antique shows, and similar, that didn’t make it into the collection, I had yet to find one.

As of the other day, however, a Clough direct pull with the patent date will finally make it into the collection.

For those of you hoping I would be blogging about finding some rarity for a song, like RL’s recent 69.99 BIN of a Coney, perhaps tomorrow or the next day. But, for now, I will relish the uncommon common Clough corkscrew–signed PATENTED FEB, 1 1876.