a chance on a cleaver

In 2009, Fred O’Leary published an update to his fantastic book on American Patented Corkscrews. The update included an array of patented and patent pending corkscrews that had been discovered after the publication of his book. And, while we are all aware that there are many many other patented pieces that are out there that we have yet to hunt down–as to this point they have never been photographed in captivity–the update does provides a few more corkscrews to search for, as we know that they actually exist.

One of the corkscrews pictured is an unusual meat cleaver–although the patent itself is thought to be for the Clough Corkscrew that is inserted into the handle.

Yesterday, a very similar unusual meat cleaver was ending on eBay. It had one bid, and was languishing at a whopping $ 4.95. I looked closely at the handle of the piece. No corkscrew… I went back to Fred’s update, and studied the picture.

And, then I went back to the cleaver online. Could it be that the Clough corkscrew has simply gone missing?

The listing explained that it had the same markings as the one in Fred’s update “K.D. & S. Co.,Chicago Pat. Appld. For.”

So, I decided to take a chance on the cleaver.

I bid.

I won.

If when it arrives, it does have the opening in the handle where a Clough wire corkscrew should be inserted, I will report the news here. If it doesn’t…well, I will report the news here.