All packed and ready to go…

The lovely certified personal trainer and I hop on the boat tomorrow morning to head to Cologne for the CCCC meeting. Not that we are taking a boat to Cologne, we are merely taking that to the mainland. We will be flying to Germany.

And, the bags are all packed up and ready to go. A small box of corkscrews including a few rare D.R.G.M pieces and the recent Fishbones & Cat find will be traveling along as well. Hopefully at the meeting someone will be able to tell me more about the Fishbones.

After a few days in Cologne, we head to Thessalonikki, Greece for the ICCA Annual General Meeting.

And, we are quite excited as neither of us have ever been to Greece before–we aren’t sure if the Fishbones & Cat corkscrew has previously visited, as he has remained rather silent since his arrival.

That said, I will have my camera and laptop with me, so I plan on updating the blogs as corkscrew deals are made and corkscrew finds are found!

Stay Tuned!