Back in the states…

Yesterday the lovely bride and I made it back home to the island. The meetings were fantastic, and the days that followed traipsing across Greece were fabulous.

Now it is back to corkscrewing around (as well as construction, teaching, prepping for the marathon in three weeks, and looking forward to our next adventures).

As far as corkscrews go, the Syroco Tramp arrived while we were abroad, it is is in great shape.

A couple of years ago in London, I was approached by a unnamed ICCA’er who was very desirous of one, so I am figuring it will end up in his collection–at least he will get first crack at it. If not, I will be open to offers.

Speaking of Syroco–today I managed to pick up a couple of signs from the Syroco factory–not sure if they will stay in the collection, or end up in TC’s, AB’s, or RH’s, but we will see after they arrive. They do look pretty cool–according to the seller they are 16 inches wide and 5 inches high. They might make a nice addition to a Syroco display.

Stay tuned for more corkscrew news…

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