Comedy and Tragedy

Before heading to Germany for the CCCC AGM, I received and email regarding my opinions of a brass figural corkscrew. It looked familiar, but instead of the known direct pull example, it had a frame.

The direct pull looks like this:

I shared a link to a recent ICCauction lot with the emailer, and also thought the one with the frame was a great looking corkscrew–and decidedly more interesting

As it happened, on the final day of the CCCC AGM, there was an auction of several corkscrews from the late Manfred Heckmann’s collection, and in amongst the lots was an identical corkscrew.

This particular corkscrew garnered much interest, as many of the collectors handled the piece, and were heard to remark that they had never seen another example of this particular corkscrew. Yes, they were aware of the direct pull, but not one with the frame.

During the auction the corkscrew similarly garnered the CCCC’ers attention (and bids).

As luck would have it, a couple of days ago, I was offered an example of this same corkscrew–the very one which I received pictures of in the days leading up to the German meeting.

This morning, paypal funds were sent, and soon enough the comedy/tragedy frame corkscrew will be arriving on the island.


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