a restaurant collection and a few photos of the C &T corkscrew.

I was contacted recently (relatively recently as the first contact was nearly a month ago, and we just recently reconnected) by a restaurant in NYC looking to add a small collection of corkscrews to their place.

With little to go on, except they wanted antique corkscrews and had mentioned a specific figurals, I put together a dozen or so photos and emailed them off. And, yesterday spoke with their wine director about more specifics. Given they are after a “whimsical feel” and figural corkscrews, I have been thinking about what types of corkscrews might fit that description; perhaps some Syroco. A few Austrian pieces will probably fit the bill. Maybe even a Wade Seal.

But…these corkscrews need to be relatively inexpensive… Ross pig? Red Devil, Old Snifter? ????

I will be compiling the collection for them over the next few days, and will ask for pictures of the collection in the restaurant once they have them in their hands.

What figurals do you all consider whimsical? (for example, the Syroco Codger is a nice figural, but he is more creepy than whimsical).

On another note, the seller of the Comedy and Tragedy corkscrew sent pictures yesterday (I had requested them) and the corkscrew is just fantastic. Definitely one that is staying in the collection, and might make the best 6 for 2011–it is just awesome!

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