Puddefoot–with a blade?

I have been spending the last few days (a week actually, and still less than halfway done) cataloging the entire corkscrew collection utilizing Screwbase and Corkscrew Collector. And, as it happened, today I was going through several waiter corkscrews–two of which I had forgotten I had; a Puddefoot with an advertisement for GREENWAY BREW’G CO, and a Davis patent with an ad for MINNEAPOLIS BREWING.

This struck me as interesting, as on my watch list on eBay was another Puddefoot–one that I hadn’t seen before–and given that I was using Screwbase, I checked the images there.

Nope, no Puddefoot with a knife. There is a version of the Davis that has the blade–which I also have, but the a knife on the Puddefoot, was a new one for me.

After thinking about it, I upped my bid a bit, and hoped.

Hoped that Tommy wasn’t going to outbid me (or anyone else for that matter).

After the dust settled, and the bidding ended, I was indeed the winning bidder. And, while it was a bit more than I wanted to pay–it is pretty darn cool.

It will need a little naval jelly and steel wool to get it cleaned up, but it will definitely be staying in the collection!

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