marathon prep and a syroco corkscrew

Tomorrow, the lovely and I head down to Portland, and on Sunday morning I will be running the marathon. If any corkscrews are found along the way, yes I am considering asking people as I run the 26.2 miles, I will report back here.

However, before we hop on the boat to head to the mainland, we are hopping on a different boat–one of the lobster variety–and heading over to North Haven for a group dinner tonight. It should be a fabulous night with good friends, good food, and good wine.

On the corkscrew front, Peter’s BIN contest has been hot and heavy, and while several of the guys have been refreshing madly, I managed to swing a non-buy-it-now deal with someone who was looking to sell a Syroco corkscrew. This one is technically a double, but I couldn’t resist the asking price.

Anyone need a syroco country gentleman corkscrew, I am open to trade offers?