SPOON! Was the Tick’s battle cry, striking fear into the hearts of evil doers everywhere.

And, while I was not meaning to strike fear yesterday, I was reminded of our blue superhero when I was triumphant in winning a wonderful folding spoon corkscrew at auction.

When I was first collecting corkscrews, and living in Connecticut, I happened upon an estate sale and after wandering around found a similar sterling folding corkscrew. With it lacking a price tag, I headed up to the person conducting the estate sale, and inquired as to the price.

My limit being about 5 dollars per corkscrew at the time, when the estate saler quoted a price a couple hundred over my limit, I put the spoon/corkscrew back down on the table, and headed off.

And, to this day–well, until yesterday at about 5 o’clock–I have been on the hunt for a similar corkscrew.

This one went well above my 5 dollar limit, but then again, my 5 dollar limit has long gone by the wayside, and so as the email came through that I was the winning bidder…there was little left to say except…


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