haynes-bates corkscrew

Last week, an interesting multi-tool was listed on eBay with an opening bid of ninety-nine dollars. It sat there for a while with no bids, and then over the coming days crept up just a bit from there.

I had my eye on it, hoping that it would languish unnoticed, and then I would manage to acquire it for just over the opening price.

When we headed off to a wine tasting yesterday afternoon, the Haynes-Bates was up to a couple hundred bucks. More than I had hoped for, but something that was still worth considering.

Hoping and considering, apparently don’t help when you don’t place a bid.

And, I didn’t even bid–I had a sense that this one was going to blow past anything I would have thought was reasonable.

And, with the likes of fotodeal lurking, I figured my chances would be better finding one while combing the fields of Brimfield (hopefully for significantly less).

With no snipe bid set, I poured wine for a while, and then a group of us hopped in a skiff and headed over to NeBo for dinner–I recommend the Oystertini should you ever get to go; martini with a raw oyster at the bottom of the glass. Yum! But, I digress.

When the dust settled, the haynes-bates multi-tool ultimately sold for 891.99 (Waaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond what I would have been bidding). And, from the looks at the bidder list, fotodeal wasn’t even in the running.

Speaking of corkscrews, the comedy and tragedy frame corkscrew arrived the other day and it is phenomenal. And, it should make the best 6 of the year. Of course, I would love to find a few others that will make the decision that much more difficult : )

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