aren’t you a phone company???

Yesterday, I happened to call our ISP folk. We had set up a wireless router in the apartment a while back, and they had sent us the wrong router. Not wanting to be charged, and hoping to send it back to them, I decided to give them a call.

So, I went to their website hoping to find customer service, and then clicked on the “contact us” link. Nowhere on the page is a phone number–they are a phone company as well.


I googled around a bit, and finally found an 866 number, and after dialing–and listening to all the prompts, chose one and waited.

A friendly voice answered, and I proceeded to ask what I needed to do with the incorrect router. He explained, he would give me the direct phone line to customer service as “we don’t have the ability to transfer phone calls.”

This, I found amusing. “but…aren’t you guys a phone company?,” I asked.

This stumped him for a minute, but then he understood the humor in it.

After receiving a new 866 number, and dialing. I listened to the exact prompts which were given with the first phone call.

??? But, wasn’t this the direct line to customer service. Perhaps we have different definitions of direct.

I pushed the appropriate corresponding number, and got (fortunately) someone else. I again explained about the incorrect router, and where could I ship it to. She explained that they are not set up to receive routers/modems/etc.

So…, you just want me to throw this away even though it has never been used? “Yes, and we won’t charge you for it.”

Okay, I appreciate NOT being charged for something that was the incorrect item to begin with, but…

Anyway— back to corkscrewing. After a little online hunting around, and 8 short emails between a seller and I, I did manage to pick up a corkscrew yesterday. Nothing truly rare, but at 20 gbp including shipping, it will be a nice addition to the collection.

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