Joop? You ask…

Yes, JOOP!

The other day I received an email offering several corkscrews for sale. And, the collection was quite nice, Strait Patent, Power Cones (yes, two of them), Chinnocks (yes, two of them), and several others. I responded asking for pricing, and after seeing the prices, I had to think about which one (or two) might be worth emptying the paypal account for.

After a follow up email, another group of pictures arrived, and within a grouping of pocket corkscrews was the JOOP corkscrew.

Joop? you are still asking?

Yes, JOOP, a prong puller of Norwegian origin.

A really unusual and hard to find cork puller, it will be a nice addition to the collection, and just might make the best 6.



Yes, there is more…

And, accompanying the JOOP is an interesting T handled corkscrew with bell assist. I remember seeing this somewhere, but can’t remember where. Anyone have an idea of where this comes from, please feel free to send an email.


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