Oysters, Vodka, and an embossed barrel Demmler corkscrew

There will be a small gathering at 65 Atlantic this evening, and I have been making preparations for the festivities.

As it happened, a recent guest at our house challenged another guest that they couldn’t tell the difference between two unnamed vodkas. The other guest, of course, was quite convinced that the difference would be quite clear.

And, so it was decided that we would have a blind vodka tasting.

But, since we are going to have a small gathering at the house to taste vodka, the lovely and I figured we might as well get some fresh North Haven oysters delivered.

So, 40-50 oysters are about to be shucked and a mignonette will be prepared. Oysters love vodka! And, we shall see who can tell the difference between the vodkas. To mix it up however, the lovely and I picked up a couple others so there will be 4 tasted blind.

With four small glasses of vodka, we also thought it would be a good idea to have some other food available. We can’t have 8 people passed out around the dinner table.

I mean, we can, and probably have, but it is probably not a good idea.

I will update the blog as to the results of the tasting.

Until then, however, a lovely corkscrew arrived today. A very nice embossed barrel Demmler perpetual. The finish is pretty good considering the age, and the helix perfect. After a little W-Dog-40 the mechanism is working well, and it might even be tried out tonight–after the vodka–or maybe before… you never know…