vodka results

the results are in!

Yes, the aforementioned guest who had their ability to distinguish the difference between Grey Goose and Smirnoff vodkas challenged was vindicated. She definitely could tell the difference!

And, to be quite frank, so could everyone else–Smirnoff was the least favorite of the four that were blind tasted.

In order, it went Grey Goose with 6 first place votes, Cold River in 2nd–although two tasters had CR at the top of their votes, with Absolut coming in third on all ballots, and Smirnoff dead last.

All it all it was a fun evening, with no one passing out at the dinner table : )

In corkscrew news, I received a Bennit patent today in the mail, and was pleased to see it was marked “MAGIC CORK SCREW PAT. MAY 15-83.” I have had many Bennits over the years, and this is actually the first one that I have owned with this marking. Also interesting is the tapered shaft above the bell, I need to dig out my other Bennits to compare. Is this normal?

Pictures tomorrow!

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