a few arrivals

After striking a deal for the JOOP +1, and a few small purchases on eBay, I have been anxiously awaiting their delivery. And, as it happened on Thursday, several packages were waiting for me at the post office.

I was most excited to see the JOOP. From the pictures it looked like the gripping teeth might be short, but the seller assured me it was in nice shape. And, he is right. It is fantastic!

And, for those wondering how this could be used to open a bottle of wine…

Accompanying the JOOP was this interesting bell assist corkscrew. I have yet to find a reference for it, but did see that in the past one sold on a previous ICCAuction for a fair amount.

No markings, but it looks familiar….

And, there were a couple of other arrivals, a H & B direct pull with blade.

A Gemelli clown which will likely hit eBay, unless someone would like to trade for it.

And, finally a nicely marked Murphy button corkscrew. This one is a double, so it too will be available for trade, should anyone want to make an offer.

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