Round 1!


The first round of the ICCAuction ended yesterday, with round 2 starting at one o’clock today. And, there were some awesome corkscrews that brought awesome prices, with the Samuelsen Patent bringing in just north of $30,000.00!


There were many other corkscrews that went for big money, and seller’s paypal accounts have been swelled. Of course, this was only round one. And, we have 738 more lots to go. Will something surpass the Samuelsen?

I did bid on a couple of pieces, but only ended up with one. Still, I do have my eyes on a couple of corkscrews ending today, and hopefully Mr. Moneybags will not be bidding against me.

What did I win, another Frary. It is technically a double, but as it was slipping through, I figured I would give it a good home.


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