A little tap dance

For the past week, I have been keeping my eye on a champagne tap on an online auction site (not eBay). And, a few days ago, I placed a bid, figuring that I would not be home for the live online bidding.

As it happened, we have company in town, and spent most of the day wandering around the island, installing a new granite bench behind the apartment on the pond–we actually had a boom truck install the bench, but we helped by telling them where to put it.

And, after touring the island, we headed back to the house. And, lo and behold, the auction was two lots away from the champagne tap. So, while the company was checking their iPhone, I was prepared to up my bid, if necessary.

It wasn’t necessary!

And, an interesting champagne tap will soon be added to the collection.

Speaking of corkscrews, the Detroit leg arrived today, and it is fabulous; making for a nice little collection of Puddefoot/Davis corkscrews. I would love to add a few more. If you have a spare, let me know!!!


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