another Pudde’

Yesterday an email came through from “Tipped-Worm Johnny” with some pictures of a corkscrew, with one sentence. “Make me an offer?”

After seeing the picture, I thought about what the offer should be. Should I go a little low? What price is the TWJ going to accept? I started to respond with an email, and then refrained from sending it. What is the “right” price.

After a bit of contemplating, I upped my offer, and sent off the email.

Suffices to say, that my offer was countered. And, after a bit more negotiation, a deal was struck. It seems that another Puddefoot is heading to the collection.

Thanks TWJ, this might make my best 6!!!

If any of you have a Davis, Detroit, Puddefoot, or Davis Improved corkscrew, drop me a line. I am looking to add a few more to the collection, and have lots of corkscrews (and openers) to trade.

I would definitely like to pick up this one, if you have it!!!


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