34 Days…

34 days ago (well 35 now), a corkscrew was listed on an online auction (not eBay) and I had been watching it hoping that it would somehow sneak through.

I registered for the auction the day it was listed, and after a couple of days placed a modest bid. For the next week, no other bids were recorded.

As we were only 20 or so days away, I checked back on the auction, and there was another bidder–apparently it wasn’t going to slip through. Someone else had found the desirable corkscrew.

With about 16 days to go, I got out bid, and I promptly raised my bid.

And, there it sat.

For the next 9 and a half days, I was the high bidder at a pittance of what the piece was worth–a couple of bids raised the price, but I was still in the lead.

And, finally, after a 34 day wait, the auction was to happen yesterday at 4:00 est. However, by noon, I had been out bid. I decided to take a chance, and throw a bigger number at it.

And at 3:59 I was still in the lead. No worries, I thought, as I was going to be watching the live auction online, and should a floor bidder try and nab the corkscrew, I would be at the ready–having decided that I would go nearly 3 times what I had bid on the piece.

So, at the appropriate time, I went online and set about getting into the live auction. I couldn’t get in. For some reason the software on a Mac does not really match up with their Java based bidding system. I updated whatever I could update, and tried again. No luck.

Not wanting to lose the corkscrew, I grabbed the netbook that I have, and tried logging on there. It seemed that this might be my way in, until an error message popped up that something needed to be reconfigured to make the program work.


What to do…? What to do….? I called the auctioneer directly, and explained the situation. They allayed my fears, and said they would indeed up my absentee bid if necessary.

It wasn’t necessary!!!

The corkscrew did indeed slip through. While there were a few bidders that took it up to its ending price, it was a corkscrew that somehow eluded detection.

And, so 34 days later, the confirmation email came through that indeed I had won the auction, and a fantastic corkscrew will be heading to the collection (and, into the best 6 for 2011).


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