two pillar arrives and putting together my best 6 corkscrews for 2011.

The two pillar arrived the other day, and it is quite handsome. No markings, but definitely a nice corkscrew.

And, as we are nearing the end of the calendar year (and the deadline changed for the CCCC) it is getting to be that time of year when a Best 6 should be determined. In thinking back over the year, there have been some really excellent finds. The White patent in Iowa, the figural devil, hagenauer pieces, a syroco tramp, copperfield, and country gentleman, a nickel finished Frary Gundlach, Detroit/Puddefoots, the Figural Crow, 18th century picnics, miniature legs, etc…

Many of these stayed in the collection, and therefore may make the Best 6 list–Some of these made their way into other collections.

Making the decision of what makes the list is always a challenge, is it about rarity, is it desirability, or some link between their origins, or do a couple simply make the cut because regardless of rarity/value/desirability, I just like them… Of course, this also is a fun decision, as it allows me to reflect on the hunting, the early mornings at Brimfield, countless miles with Tommy at the JFO, trades made with friends and fellow collectors, online deals, and just knowing that if you are diligent enough, the finds are still out there.

While, I will start the decision making process, for your viewing pleasure, here are a couple that might make the best 6 of the year (and yes, all were acquired over the corkscrew fiscal year).

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