Best 6 corkscrews for 2011

While the Corkscrew Fiscal year ends in two weeks, and there might be additions before the stroke of midnight December 31st. I have put together my best 6 corkscrews for 2011. And, they are now online on my Best 6 page.

It was a pretty tough decision this year, as I went back and forth as to include the Comedy and Tragedy frame, or the Old Crow figural.

And, while the Comedy and Tragedy is certainly a fantastic corkscrew, I decided to include the Old Crow, as I had wanted to own one from early on in my collecting.

So, without further adieu…

Here are the best 6 of 2011.

1. Unusual example of the 1862 Charles Chinnock patent corkscrew. At first glance, this looks to be similar to the normal Chinnock, however instead of the oval/round opening in the barrel, this one has a rectangular cutaway–marked CHINNOCK’S PATENT, MAY 27, 1862 (see O’Leary, 1996: p. 33).

2. Old Crow figural corkscrew. The neck stand is marked PAUL A HENCKELS, GERMANY, and on the reverse side of the crow it is an advertisement for “THE OLD CROW DISTILLERY, FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY” (see Bull, 1999: p. 222 and Bull, 2009: p. 53).

3. Atypical 1894 Charles Puddefoot “Detroit” patent corkscrew. Unmarked, but the neck stand clearly is Puddefoot. What makes this one unusual is the addition of the knife–which is usually only found on the 1891 Davis waiter. (see O’Leary, 1996: p 83, 84 and 88).

4. 1891 David W. Davis “Improved” patent decorative corkscrew–marked DAVIS ‘IMPROVED’ PAT’D JULY 14 91, OTHER PATS. PND’G (see O’Leary, 1996: p. 83-84).

5. 1891 David W. Davis “Improved” patent mermaid corkscrew–marked, COMPLIMENTS CHARLES STAEBLER, 257 BEAUBIEN ST., DETROIT, MICH. DAVIS ‘IMPROVED’ PAT’D JULY 14 91, OTHER PATS. PND’G (see O’Leary, 1996: p 83-84).

6. 1894 Charles Puddefoot “Detroit” patent leg corkscrew–marked THE DETROIT PAT’D JULY 10, ’94 (see O’Leary, 1996: p 88).

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