Rousseau and the hunt for Detroits with Advertising

The other day, a nice Rousseau patent was listed on eBay with a buy it now with best offer (henceforth BINwBO).

Interestingly, the seller also included the receipt from the Christie’s auction, which showed the previous owner plunked down 612 £ (about 950 $) for the unmarked corkscrew.

Perhaps the buyer/bidder got caught up in the heat of the auction… : )

And, being true to form, I decided to see how low I could go, and still manage to pick up the 1905 Rousseau for a deal. So, I decided to utilize the BO part of the BINwBO, and after a brief exchange the seller, the Rousseau ended up being sent to the island–for substantially less than the Christie’s price, and substantially less than more recent sales on the ICCAuction.

You gotta love a motivated seller, or BINwBOer as the case may be.

Also, the hunt for different advertising on Detroits, Davises, and Puddefoots continues. I have managed to unearth some old articles (circa 1893) that mention some of the bottlers utilizing the Davis and Detroits as vehicles for their advertising–specifically mentioning Welch’s, Greenway Bottling, and others… And, I would like to add a few of these various advertisements to the growing Detroit corkscrew collection.

Pabst, Brotherhood Wines, Greenway, Welch’s, Minneapolis Brew’g, Schlitz, others? Also those that were a souvenir for the Columbian Exposition of 1893, I am interested in trading for, or buying outright. Alternatively, if you have an unusual advertising Davis, Detroit, or Puddefoot please email me with images of the markings.

If you have one (or several) to trade, email me at


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