That is one expensive waiter…

A few hours ago, a Syroco Waiter was listed on eBay. And, the seller–who shall remain nameless–put an opening bid of a thousand dollars on the iconic corkscrew.

And, this painted Syroco dude looks to be in pretty bad shape as far as finish. Still, they explain in the listing that, “I don’t know much about its background except it was appraised 10 years ago for approximately $750.00.”

The listing also says, “Because of all the comments I receive on the corkscrew, I’m asking $ 1000.00 because it is truly a treasure to the right person.”

If “the right person” happens to be willing pay 1000.00 for this waiter, please send them my way. I have a dozen or so Syroco waiters that I would be willing to part with…

In fact, I will gladly staff your entire Syroco restaurant and throw in a codger to serve as your maitre d’


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