How much time would you spend digging?

The other day, I was at a flea market on the mainland, and as I walked around, I ran into a booth that warranted some attention.

Not that there were any corkscrews visible, but surely underneath the thousands of kitchen tool there must be a corkscrew, or two, lurking.

And, this is only a small section of the booth. The entire ten by ten foot booth was stacked the same way, and the entire thing was vintage and antique kitchen tools.

But, how much time should one spend digging through such a booth. 10 minutes, an hour, several hours, or would you skip the booth entirely as there probably wasn’t anything worth hunting for anyway?

As it happened, I had to get back to the boat. And, couldn’t spend much time digging. However, I surely will revisit the booth. Who knows what might be in there behind the spoons, can openers, spatulas, etc…