a Flauder…finally

I have had the opportunity to buy a Flauder Patent corkscrew/spoon on several occasions. I ran across one at an antique shop in Massachusetts several years ago, but with its price being upwards of $200.00, I left it there (and it is probably still there).

And, there have been several on eBay over the years, but the sellers either want too much, or I simply have been outbid.

But yesterday, whilst ignoring eBay and celebrating the lovely’s birthday, Auctionsniper managed to procure a Flauder for me…finally!

As it happened, it was listed last week, with a title of “VINTAGE UNIQUE JIGGER OPENER CORKSCRE SPOON TOP HAT MAN PAT 8-16-33 USA NEAT” And, instead of in the corkscrew category, it was listed under Barware-Other.

Still, for those of us that have figured out how to search every aspect of eBay (and other sites) with hopes of unearthing something with a helix attached, I thought surely this would garner some action.

It didn’t.

And, while it isn’t truly a rare corkscrew, it still is a nice addition to the collection.