On the hunt for a folding Hicks and Reynolds…

Recently I was cataloging the corkscrew collection, and I realized I have a whole lot of bell assist corkscrews. Bennit, Curley, Griswold, Hicks & Reynolds, Frary, Williamson, Walker, Murphy, Schlitz Globe, Gottfried-Krueger, Syrocos, and the list goes on.

There are a couple of bell assist corkscrews that continue to elude me however. And, one of these is the folding Hicks & Reynolds corkscrew. Mark has one, and I know that Dean Walters had one in the past–that being long since sold–and I keep hoping that one will be made available.

There is one currently on eBay with about 4 hours till the listing ends. However, I have no doubt that this Hicks & Reynolds will shortly be heading to Romania. While I am not absolutely sure of this, I am guessing Ion doesn’t have this in his collection yet, and so his bid will be high–much higher than I can afford.

That said, I would love to add one to the collection. So if you have a folding Hicks & Reynolds corkscrew, drop me a line. I will gladly make a trade for it.