Adding to the Detroit / Davis / Puddefoot collection

A while back, a fellow collector sent me an email which included a picture of his collection of Detroit / Davis / Puddefoot corkscrews.

Within his collection one in particular was of genuine interest–not that they all weren’t interesting, it just so happens that I didn’t have this example.

And, so while we had since made a trade, and trades in the past, I dropped him a line explaining that I was interested his Puddefoot.

This morning, I received an email explaining that he was interested in parting with some of this corkscrews, and the Puddefoot was available.

After a couple more emails, a deal was agreed upon, and there will soon be an addition to the Detroit / Davis / Puddefoot corkscrew collection!!!

This one carries an advertisement for “THE WELCH GRAPE JUICE CO. WESTFIELD, N.Y.” and the neckstand is marked “THE DETROIT PAT’D JULY 10 94.” What this makes this one even more interesting, is the shape of the body of the corkscrew.

Definitely one that will stay in the collection, and possibly a candidate for the best 6 of 2012.

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