As many of you know, one of the corkscrews with which I am rather fond is the Robert Murphy corkscrews. For those that don’t know the Murphy story, you can link to Bob Nugent’s 1990 article on my website here

I have been fortunate to add many Murphy corkscrews to the collection over the years, some picked up at antique shows, a few in trade, and one or two on eBay. However, one in particular has eluded me; the ivory handled one.

In fact, I have never even seen one. The only reason I knew about it is that within Nugent’s text he writes, “The earliest examples I have seen of Murphy corkscrews are very attractive with turned shafts and very nice turned acorn end handles…or tapered shafts with assorted handles. The top part of the shaft are squared and tapered to fit in matching holes though the handles. Most are secured by peening the end over a copper or brass washer but an ivory handled one I have has an imbedded round nut on a threaded shaft.”

I have conversations with other collectors, and they too have found the ivory handled Murphy elusive. That said, as Nugent’s text explains, he had one in his collection. And, of course someone ended up with the ivory Murphy that Nugent references. Still there has to be another, and so the hunt continues

Until today.

As it happened, a dealer that I have done business with in the past managed to unearth one recently. And, today a deal was struck that will have an ivory handled signed Murphy corkscrew heading into the collection.

Better photos after it arrives, but this will make a fantastic addition to the Murphy Corkscrew Collection.

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