I do tend to get a bit obsessed…

Over the years of collecting corkscrews, every so often I get temporarily obsessed with one type or another, or one manufacturer or another, and set about trying to acquire more types, examples, variations, etc.

And, this seemed to have started with Syroco corkscrews.

Then it moved on to Murphy

And, of course it was the corkscrews of James D. Frary that followed.

Sometimes this is really based on my desire to build a collection, and sometimes one of these temporary obsessions finds its origins in the mere fact that I was lucky enough to find one or two.

And well…if I have one or two, I might as well have a dozen (or 40 in the case of Syroco).

This is really what happened with the latest Davis/Puddefoot/Detroit obsession. I had a couple, but then was lucky enough to find a rare variation of the Puddefoot with a blade. And, then the Detroit Improved Mermaid fell into my lap for a steal of a price. And, since I had a 3 or 4…well…

I am definitely on the hunt for more Detroit/Davis/Puddefoot corkscrews. And, knowing this a friend from Rochester made this unusual corkscrew available to me, and I couldn’t say no (I am obsessed after all).

This is a Davis, but the neckstand instead of being two pieces put together is instead a solid piece of metal like the Improved Davis or Puddefoot. Now, it is entirely possible that this is a put together piece, or…could The Davis Cork Screw Co. have been experimenting with a different style of neckstand?

Whether it is a made up piece or not, I am anxious for it to arrive and be added to the growing Detroit collection–I am thinking a Detroit Corkscrew Co. webpage might be in the works…