The lovely and I have been traipsing around Vermont for the last day or so, and yesterday we happened to turn a corner, and see a sign for an antique store. The lovely convivially announced, “We are stopping here…”

And, so we did.

She parked the car, and it would seem the corkscrew gods would be smiling upon us, there was even a sign from above…

Yes, we had actually parked in front of a Wine Bar! Imagine that… (more on the wine bar in a moment).

We crossed the street, and ventured into a delightful antique store, and headed left. Which is unusual, as generally I head right–your shopping habits may differ, but I digress…

As we entered a small room, I looked about, and didn’t see any corkscrews, but then…

Under a table…

In a box, filled with a couple of kitchen utensils…


at first what I thought was Browne patent can opener with corkscrew. But, after flipping it over, I knew that it was something a bit more desirable.

I looked at the lovely bride, with an apparent giddiness, and as we were out of earshot of the shop owner, I proceeded to tell her, that this is definitely a good thing. And, how I have only ever seen two of these. One on eBay that sold for a ton of money, and one at the Boston CCCC AGM that also went for a significant amount–the actual amount eludes me.

With its price tag of a whopping 8 dollars, I carried it with me around the shop as we looked through many other nooks and crannies. Interestingly, in front of the dealer is a case that actually had 4 other corkscrews. Those would definitely be noticed by someone walking in the door (and heading to the right apparently).

I was definitely quite pleased that this was tucked away in the can opener department, as opposed to the more visible corkscrew department.

While looking like a humble can opener, marked PAT APL’D FOR, this one actually is decidedly hard to find (unless you are across from a wine bar in Vermont) and this might actually make the best 6 of the year.

After paying for our treasures (we bought other stuff too), we headed North and did a little more hunting. No more corkscrews; any that we wanted to buy anyway. And, after a nice lunch we headed back down. As it was several hours later, we found ourselves parked in front of Cork once more; this time to sample a bit of wine.

Cork is a lovely little wine bar and wine shop, and we spent a fair amount of time with the owner and manager. As it happened, they are looking for antique and vintage corkscrews to showcase in their shop. Business cards were exchanged.

A nice French Malbec and Sonoma Cab by the glass(es) were consumed, and then we purchased a few bottles including a bottle of Orwin Swift “Prisoner” which we shared at Salt–an excellent (small 5 table) restaurant in Montpelier if you are ever up this way.

This morning we head towards home, and who knows…perhaps a wine bar with an antique store across the street will be found along the way.


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